Let the good times roll...

Downtime is good time and the people agree.

In May 2018 All Right? launched their Downtime Dice campaign. The campaign called for Cantabrians to take a moment to enjoy some downtime individually or with their friends, family or colleagues.

In a time where work emails are forever at your fingertips and lives are spent juggling work with the demands of everyday life, it can be hard to find time to truly switch off and enjoy some downtime. So how do you encourage people to take a break for the good of their mental health?

 We teamed up with All Blacks mental skills coach, Gilbert Enoka, for the launch of Downtime Dice. Who better to give Cantabrians permission to switch off than the man who keeps the All Blacks mentally fit?

After agreeing to lend his support the campaign, Gilbert Enoka was interviewed by media, including Radio New Zealand, Newstalk ZB and Stuff on the benefits of downtime. He also shared his story with All Right? for a feature on allright.org.nz

With Gilbert on board All Right? were able to disseminate their message across New Zealand – and promote the availability of the dice resource.

Downtime Dice quickly became popular items, flying out the doors of Christchurch City Libraries and selected cafes.

A key component of the launch of the campaign was the use of NZ influencers. We tried our luck and sent downtime dice to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, media icons such as Anika Moa and Hilary Barry, radio presenters Jason Gunn and Lana Searle and sporting stars like Eliza McCartney and Tom Walsh. We wrote them personalised letters, suggesting they might be in need of some downtime, while ‘running the country, preparing for a baby, learning scripts or keeping up with Olympic training schedules’.

When How to Dad and Tiki Tane shared their Downtime Dice delivery with their thousands of loyal followers, we were pumped! On their Instagram stories, they rolled their dice and showed their followers how they would do downtime.