A little bit of kindness goes a long way…

In September 2018 Great Scott supported Pacific health provider Tangata Atumotu Trust (TAT) to launch a video all about kindness on social media.

 Culturally, mental health and mental illness are things that Pacific people don’t often talk about. We worked with TAT to draw attention to the issue and gently challenge Pasifika to lift the stigma around talking about mental health and show everyone how important kindness is when supporting someone who is struggling.

There’s no point making a great video if no one sees it. There are around 13,000 people in Canterbury who identify as Pacifika, and to reach this audience we teamed up with figures in the community who have a large social reach -  including Ronnie Taulafo from What Now! and Richie Mo’unga of the Canterbury Crusaders and All Blacks, as well as organisations such as Canterbury District Health Board, Tagata Pasifika and the Mental Health Foundation.

 To cut a long story short, the video reached more than 45,000 people on Facebook, was viewed 16,000 times, and received more than 6,000 reactions, comments and shares. For a small trust, and one very new to Facebook, the engagement was huge.

We loved seeing the community engage with the post. However, we always like to go that bit further… so yes, we did contact The Rock. We are yet to receive a reply… perhaps it got lost in the spam folder… so if you’re reading this Dwayne The Rock Johnson, we are still eagerly awaiting your call to support TAT!